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VIP Card 2021

Here you find the conditions for the actionbike VIP Card 2021 and the participation in the Cup that will take place for our partners and sponsors. Depending on the combination of dates and payment terms, you can save up to 20%, ladies even up to 30% and profit from many more benefits.

What is included with the VIP Card?

  • Participation in the PSI-Cup 
  • 3 € per point in the annual standings
  • Individual Cup T- Shirt
  • Participation in the championship and prize draw
  • VIP start number for the entire season (for distribution of start numbers we first take last year's numbers into account, then we respect the order of online registrations)
  • Much easier  & quicker registration on site
  • VIP/ Cup equipment by our sponsors
  • Big savings on sponsor products like tyres, wear & spare parts, workshop and mechanic service, clothing...etc

Payment terms till 27.12.2020

  • VIP at least 4 events    - 10%
  • VIP at least 5 events    - 13%
  • VIP at least 7 events    - 17%
  • VIP all 10 events         - 20%

Payment terms till 01.03.2021

  • VIP at least 4 events   -  5%
  • VIP at least 5 events   -  8%
  • VIP at least 7 events   - 12%
  • VIP all 10 events        - 15%


VIP Ladies Special 

Payment terms till 27.12.2020

  • VIP at least 4 events    - 20%
  • VIP at least 5 events    - 23%
  • VIP at least 7 events    - 27%
  • VIP all 10 events         - 30%

 Payment terms till 01.03.2021

  • VIP at least 4 events   - 18%
  • VIP at least 5 events   - 20%
  • VIP at least 7 events   - 22%
  • VIP all 10 events        - 25%
(Discounts can not be combined.)

PSI- Cup- Registration and Regulation

The PSI-Cup series SSP and SBK take place as part of actionbike's race weekends. The championship is held amongst respectively registered riders. Double entries in the classes SSP and SBK are not allowed.

The PSI-Cup is an international amateur race series, hence riders from non-EU countries can register. A racing licence is not required.

Ranking in following classes

  • PSI-Cup SSP
  • PSI-Cup SBK

Class SSP allowed motorcycles

  • Over 400 cc to 600 cc / 4-stroke, 4 cylinders
  • Over 600 cc to 675 cc / 4 stroke, 3 cylinders
  • Over 600 cc to 750 cc / 4 stroke, 2 cylinders

Class SBK allowed motorcycles

  • Over 750cc up to 1000cc 4-stroke 3 and 4 cylinders
  • Over 850cc up to 1200cc 4-stroke 2 cylinder

Point Scoring Events

All events

Annual Ranking 

  • One point scoring race possible per event (usually on Sundays)
  • At least 4 races are needed to be included in the annual ranking. 

We assume that every registered rider already has race track experience.

Registration Fee 

For registration to the championship a fee of 100,- € incurs once.

For customers who already purchased a transponder in previous years, the annual licence will be renewed free of charge.


The rules are  deliberately kept simple to also address "newcomers". Fun, adventure and excitement in the PSI-races are key elements of the Cup.

In addition to the rules demanded by the organizer or race track management, Cup riders must also comply and respect the Cup regulations.

  • All actionbike participants can take part in all PSI-Cup races for free. * Points however are only distributed to riders who are registered to the Cup.
  • For the registration there is a one-time fee of 100,- € per rider (This fee is due before the start of season and has to be paid to actionbike.)
  • There are no tuning or tyre restrictions for the motorcycles. We must though adhere to decibel restrictions of each race track.
  • All street accessories (such as luggage racks, mirrors, turn signals, glass parts, etc.) MUST be removed. Motorcycles that do not meet these requirements will not be allowed on track.
  • Riders can register until the second race event of the season. After the second valuation date, it remains within the discretion of the organizer to allow new riders to register in retrospect.
  • Riders participating in other official FIM championships (e.g. Alpe Adria, IDM, etc.) cannot be registered to the PSI-Cup.
  • Riders are obliged to check and keep the time table, to be present at briefings, allocation of grid position, etc.
  • Riders are obliged to check their position on the grid before driving on track. Riders who are not familiar with their position on grid must follow directions of the staff who will decide where to place them at that time. Otherwise they will immediately be removed from track.
  • All riders must attend the briefing before the race.
  • The start number must be clearly visible on the motorcycle. All other numbers on the front panel MUST be covered or removed.
  • Each rider is responsible for the correct installation of the transponder (see information below).
  • Incorrect installation of the transponder resulting in missing lap times means disqualification of the rider.
  • If possible, there will be 3 preparation calls ("first, second, third & final call…") before each race (via PA/loudspeaker). After the first call, riders start gathering on pit lane exit. Only after the third & final call, pit lane will be open for 2 minutes. All riders present at that time, will be allowed on track for a sighting lap to position themselves on the starting grid.      IMPORTANT: 1 warm-up lap
  • Riders who miss the third & final call and didn't finish the warm-up lap, must start from pitlane. They will be allowed on track after all motorcycles have passed the pitlane exit and the light on exit turns green.
  • The starting procedure of the race is usually a standing start (the race is started by all the red start lights being extinguished). Only in Italy there will be a flying start. The exact procedure will be explained in a briefing at the event.
  • The riders are responsible for proper technical maintenance and preparation of their motorcycles.
  • The organizer assumes no responsibility for the technical condition of the motorcycles. However, he has the right to STOP participation if there are safety-related concerns. The organizer or race track management can not be held responsible for accidents caused by a technical failure of motorcycles.
  • Speed when entering and leaving the pitlane may not exceed 60 km/h.
  • The pitlane is a one-way street! Motorcycles may only be pushed in the opposite direction between boxes and the yellow safety line.
  • Riders who are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication, will be disqualified immediately.
  • Riders whose conduct is considered rude, aggressive and/or dangerous will be called to the race management and can be disqualified.
  • Riders who do not respect the requirements and instructions of marshals and staff will be called to the race management and can be disqualified.


See flag sheet...

Correct Transponder Installation

See instruction sheet for correct mounting of the transponder…

Timekeeping and Points

For riders it is mandatory to:

  • Check their starting position on the grid sheet
  • Use start number and transponder number that they registered with 

Here are the finishing positions and corresponding points for the overall ranking in the Cup:

P1: 25 Points

P2: 20 Points

P3: 16 Points

P4: 13 Points

P5: 11 Points

P6: 10 Points

P7: 9 Points

P8: 8 Points

P9: 7 Points

P10: 6 Points

P11: 5 Points

P12: 4 Points

P13: 3 Points

P14: 2 Points

P15: 1 Points

Award Ceremony

At each event actionbike will organize an award ceremony with trophies for the winners. At the end of season there will be FINAL AWARDS with PSI-Cup trophies for the first 6 riders in the final standings of each class.


The organizers will rule upon any protests using information given by the marshals. The organizers reserve the right to assign penalties (time penalties e.g. overtaking under yellow flag)  or in severe cases disqualification including the right to exclude riders from future registration and participation in the PSI-Cup.


The organizers reserve the right to change any of theses rules at any point in time. Rides will be informed on any changes during the briefings. The PA (loudspeaker) will only be used for emergency information/updates (condition of rider after a crash, transponders waiting to be picked up after a crash, etc...).


The PSI-Cup including VIP Card can be booked online. Just write the desired events in the box "your message". Carry out the booking of individual events and races online. You will receive a confirmation e-mail including the non-discounted prices divided in costs for event and insurance.

The accident insurance and travel insurance (cancellation protection) can not be discounted and must be added 1:1 to the VIP price.

Depending on chosen payment term and number of events, you can now deduct the calculated percentage from the racetrack fee and make the money transfer.

These discounts can not be combined with any other discounts or benefits.

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