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Race Class Overview

Our events consist of multiple racing classes to suit all experience levels – from beginner to professional. All race entrance fees are included in the event registration fee. The timetable enables you to participate in more than one race during the event to maximize your experience. If you are reluctant to take the first step towards participating in one of our races, do not hesitate to contact us to give you guidance.*


Qualifying takes place on Friday and Saturday in the assigned timeslots (please refer to the event timetable).

Class SSP permitted motorcycles are

  • Over 400 cc to 600 cc / 4-stroke, 4 cylinders
  • Over 600 cc to 675 cc / 4 stroke, 3 cylinders
  • Over 600 cc to 750 cc / 4 stroke, 2 cylinders

Class SBK permitted motorcycles are

  • Over 750cc up to 1000cc 4-stroke 3 and 4 cylinders
  • Over 850cc up to 1200cc 4-stroke 2 cylinde

Italo permitted motorcycles are

  • Italian motorcycles over 1000 cc

Class BOT / 750 cc permitted motorcycles are

  • 2 cylinder motorcycles up to 1000 cc
  • 4 cylinder motorcycles with 750 cc

Endurance race

  • No restriction regarding Motorcycle Manufacturer or Capactiy.
  • Teams shall have a minimum of 3 Riders.
  • Registration can be made either for the entire 2019 season** or per event.
  • If you do not have sufficient riders for a team, please contact us at the event and we can advise you of free places in other teams!

* All race entry fees are included in the event registration fee.

** Entry into the EMC-2 Endurance 2018 Championship is subject to an additional fee. Please contact us for information.