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Drivers Briefing

The rules for safe trackdays

The drivers briefing is obligatory for every racer on track!

There is at least one drivers briefing before every event on track. In average the drivers briefing takes place on the first event day in front of the box of the oranizer (where you signed in). 

During the briefing you will get the latest information on

  • The actionbike team (instructors and administration)
  • The services and where you find them
  • Latest information on special conditions on track

All needed information on the rules / behaviour on track, the flags, professional safety gear, the right positioning of the transponder on the bike and even more you can look up here on the website in the category "safe on the limit".

Because the safety is very important on track, we demand a signed version on-site at the registration during the sign-in process.

If there are topics, that are not 100% clear, feel free to ask any question!

You are more than welcome to call us before the event or to ask at the registration desk on-site or any team member if you've got further questions. The safety on track is depending on every single one of us.